Our new client process is designed to help you make an educated and informed decision about working together.


Step 1 - FREE Intro Call

Spend some time on the phone with our founder - Jamie Harpst - and explain exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish with your finances.

15-20 Minutes


Step 2 - Discovery Meeting

Our first face-to-face meeting can happen in person at our office or online using Zoom video conferencing. We want to learn more about your financial goals, discuss how to achieve them, and explain what your experience would be like as a client.

60 Minutes

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Step 3 - Onboarding Meeting

If you’d like to partner with us on your financial journey we will spend the next meeting working through the action items necessary to achieve your goals. Signing paperwork, opening accounts, and selecting an investment strategy are all completed today.

60-90 Minutes


Step 4 - Summary Meeting

Our final step in the onboarding process is to review the progress we’ve made and provide you with the tools to track your finances going forward.

30-60 Minutes