Our clients come from all walks of life, some just out of college and others well into their golden years.  Here are a few examples of people we've helped recently.


The Retiree.

Michael is 58 and has been working for Dunder Mifflin since he was 30.  Next year he'll be retiring, and he has a lot of decisions to make before that happens.  Here's what we do for people like him:

  • Review the retirement options that he has through his company.  This includes adjusting his 401(k) and pension options all the way to a social security income strategy if necessary.
  • Analyze the probability that Michael's nest egg won't run out before he dies.
  • Build a custom investment plan to make sure an economic downturn won't put his retirement at risk.
  • Rollover his old 401(k) to an IRA to implement the ideal retirement investment strategy.
  • Help him figure out which accounts to take money from in retirement so he can keep taxes as low as possible.

The Small Business Owner.

Anne is a 40 year-old dentist who runs one of the most successful practices in town.  She already maxes out her 401(k) each year but has an extra $5,000 per month to invest somewhere.  She hopes to retire at age 50 and travel the world with her husband.  Here's what we do for people like Anne:

  • Take a look at her 401(k) plan to make sure the investment options are strong and the fees are fair.  The Infresh 401(k) program is often able to improve investment options while lowering fees for business owners and their employees.
  • Create a detailed retirement plan that clearly shows how close she is to achieving her goals.
  • Come up with a savings plan and investment strategy for any extra money Anne has beyond what she's already saving into retirement accounts.  This is always done with tax considerations in mind; we don't want you to send any more than you have to to Uncle Sam.
  • Work closely with her other trusted financial team members to make sure we're all on the same page (CPA, Attorney, Insurance Agent, etc.).


The Newlyweds.

Jim and Pam are in their late-20s and recently married.  They both have good jobs with solid retirement plans, but need help figuring out how to balance investing for the future with paying down student loans.  Currently renters, they wonder whether they can afford to buy a house and if that's a wise decision at this point in their lives.  Here's what we do for clients like Jim and Pam:

  • Create a robust financial plan that clearly outlines the best way to pay down their student loans and save for future goals like retirement and buying a house.
  • Carefully review all of their insurance policies (auto, home, life, disability, etc.) to make sure the family is properly protected if tragedy were to strike.
  • Review the options in their company retirement plans and identify the most appropriate investments available to them.
  • Open Roth IRAs so they can save even more money in tax-advantaged accounts.